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About Eliot

Hi I am Eliot, I was born on 14 August 2002 and I have always been interested in acting dancing and singing.

Since I was 3 years of age. I used to dress up in all sorts of different outfits and act out the various characters, at the age of 4 years I joined “Stage Coach” a well established drama school for a year. At 6, I was selected to play the role of a small child but in the end I only did a voice over for a film by Martina Cole called “The Take”, a fast past action packed thriller. I auditioned for the part of “Small Boy” in the hit musical Billy Elliot and was successful I joined the West end show in March 2009 and performed before an audience of 1600 people 3 to 4 times every week for 6 month’s, I loved the role and discipline I found that my desire to Act and Dance becoming even stronger and it was at this time that I decided to start Ballet and Tap so that I could eventually be trained to take the lead role and be Billy Elliot.

In September 2009 the Director of Billy Elliot the Musical asked me to stay on and renew my contract for another 6 month’s but my agency D&B advised me against this due to the fact that they had other work for me and that all the time I was in the show, I would be unable to undertake any more auditions

I am training in Drama, dance Ballet and Tap.

I like continental food such as Greek , Italian, I love rice, noodles, vegetables fish and chicken and chocolate.

My favorite films are Billy Elliot, Oliver and Star Wars.
My favorite film stars are Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Michael Caine and Russell Crowe.

I have 2 brothers Joseph, who also likes acting and singing and is also a member of D& B . Oliver and Holly, my little sister.

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